Welcome to the BFME KeyBinder

What is it ?

BFME games have in-game shortcuts/hotkeys. Sometimes they can be changed manually by editing game files, but this is complicated or impossible in some cases.
The purpose of this app is to allow the change of these in-game shortcuts in a very simple and pleasant way.

Currently the app is compatible with the main versions of BFME games: BFME1 1.06 / 2.22, BFME2 1.06 / 1.09v2 and ROTWK 2.02 9.0.0.

How to use it ?

- It's very simple, just go to the Shortcuts tab, select your version, and import the language file of the corresponding version. The default file path is indicated for each version.

Then, the different elements of the game (buildings, units, ...) are displayed. You can then assign a new shortcut to the desired elements. Finally, you have to download the new file, and replace the old one by the new one. Be careful to keep the old one in case an error occurs.

- You are a BFME2 player and want your shortcuts on ROTWK ? You can now transfer you shortcuts between versions ! It's available in the Transfer tab

- You can now change some other shortcuts as select all units, group control, stances, ... in the Command map tab